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I like to draw! I post finished works, sketches, and WIPs here.
Sometimes I make indie games with Ultimate Walrus—Check them out here!

I am available for freelance! You can contact me at lsposto [at] gmail [dot] com.


    GAME PLUG #2!

    Another game we made, Beat Bros, has become a FINALIST for the Kill Screen Daily game jam for Ouya. We’re in the category “Best Couch with Friends” and I think liking and tweeting will help us inch towards a (monetary) prize so we can go further with games like these (and fix those god-awful gold tiles).

    Click there to vote!

    Sorry for the lack of drawings, although I do have a bit, but school, y’know. 

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      Weird self-reblog, but we’re up to 81 likes! like and tweet y’all!
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      Dude that is nice~ (especially the music) :o